What doesn’t transfer?

Although we have a goal of mirroring your original WordPress.com site, certain things do not transfer. This is true regardless of whether we do a Guided Transfer or if you move the site yourself. Below are the items that we are aware of that do not transfer, but please note that this list is subject to change and it may not be comprehensive. If you have any specific concerns, please contact the Guided Transfer Happiness Engineers before your transfer, at guided-transfer@wordpress.com.


  • Likes: Post and Page “Likes” are tracked by your site’s ID, and since your new site has a new ID, Like counts will be reset to zero; there is unfortunately no avoiding this. However, Facebook share tallies on posts and pages will transfer, as long as you keep the same domain name and permalink structure on your new site as you had on your WordPress.com blog. Since Twitter removed support for the display of third-party sharing counts on November 20, 2015, we had to remove the share display from our Twitter sharing buttons, so those share counts will no longer be there.
  • New Subscriber/Follower Notifications: On WordPress.com, site administrators get a notification emailed to them whenever a new subscriber signs up. On a self-hosted site, you will no longer receive these notifications, and will have to check your site statistics manually to see when new subscribers sign up.
  • The Reader: Your WordPress.com Reader is a WordPress.com product, and it is not accessible through your self-hosted WordPress Dashboard. However, you will still have full access to your WordPress.com account, and you can still access your Reader that way. Your new site will not show up in Topics pages, but your followers will still see your posts in their Readers. Note that though your readers will still receive your new posts in their Reader, social functions such as Comment, and Reblog will not be available directly through the Reader on your posts from your self-hosted blog. The Like function will still work from within the Reader.
  • Reblogs: Only the title of the reblogged post will show up; the post content will be empty.

 What might happen to my site’s traffic and subscribers?

  • We have a whole document dedicated to covering this. You can find it here.


  • Fonts: Custom fonts are paid service that WordPress.com serves via Typekit, so continuing to use these requires a Typekit account.
  • Themes: Only free themes and Premium Themes by Automattic will be transferred. Premium Themes not developed by Automattic that were purchased on WordPress.com will need to be re-purchased from the theme developer, for use on a self-hosted WordPress blog. If you’ve owned the Premium Theme on WordPress.com for less than 30 days, you are eligible for a refund for that theme. Also note that many theme developers may offer a discount to users that have previously purchased their theme, so you may want to contact them in advance of your transfer. You can find your theme on the WordPress.com Theme page, and click the “Support” button to find where to contact the theme author.
  • The avatars/thumbnails next to recent comments in the Recent Comments widget will not show on a self-hosted site. However, there are plugin options that give you this aesthetic.


New widgets are constantly being added to Jetpack to continue to give you similar functionality that you enjoyed on WordPress.com, but there are some popular WordPress.com widgets that do not transfer. Some of these widgets simply need to be reconfigured after the transfer, and some you will need to search the Plugins directory for a replacement. We’ll help you figure out how to do that during your support period. The current list of widgets that don’t make the move are listed below, but note that this list is subject to change, and may not be 100% comprehensive:

  • About.me (This widget is no longer supported or developed.) 
  • BandPage (This widget is no longer supported or developed.) 
  • Blogs I Follow
  • Instagram
  • Internet Defense League
  • Music Player
  • OpenTable (exclusive to WordPress.com Confit theme)
  • Posts I Like
  • Reservations (exclusive to WordPress.com Stay theme)
  • Tlk.io Webchat